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Getting Things Going!!!

Tasting Room – Yes it’s happening, we’re building our “Tasting Room” out in Petaluma, CA.  Tim and I have been working on this structure since last summer and it’s finally nearing completion (it’s tough for two guys to build a tasting room from scratch).

Man Cave Brew – It takes a lot of bad beer to make a good wine (It’s a saying we have in the wine industry), well we’re hoping it also takes a lot of great wine to make a great beer.  Recently we placed the first order for Rizomes (hops) that we’ll be planting on the Bar 11 property and eventually we’ll be producing beer and wine right off the property from hopefully 100% family grown ingredients (hops, and barley for the beer and obviously grapes for the wine).  Our first batch of Man Cave Brew is in bottle and currently in the final stages of lagering.

Day at the Ranch!! – In the coming weeks we will be finishing construction on a new bocce court as well as a new horse shoe pit, upon completion we will be inviting everyone, family, friends, kids, and all to the property for a day of pic-nicking, games, wine and maybe some Man Cave Brew as we christen the new property, release some new wine, and get to meet many new friends.